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Company Fluid Business originate on 2005 on the base of Russian Dosing and Piston pumps manufacturer in order to extend current pump range  by submersible pumps and  end-suction pumps. On 2007 Fluid Business was registered as separate company.

Fluid Business’ line of business from the beginning till now – Russian and CIS Industrial market

Stages of Development:

  • 2007 year Fluid Business signed distributor agreement with Flygt AB company and became authorized supplier of Vogel Pumpen (submersible, chemical, power, water supply)
  • 2009 year Fluid Business became the member of Trace 
  • 2010 year Fluid Business opened sales representative offices in Samara and Tula and has dealers in all Industrial centers of Russia and became OEM customer for biggest motor and seals producers.
  • 2011 year Fluid Business established service center in Samara for repair and assembling pumps in Russia. Till the end of year organized assembling of pumps on base Vogel bare pumps
  • 2012 year Fluid Business opened sales representatives in Voronezh, St-Petersburg and Kazakhstan
FB historyProductsAbout companyReferences