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Razan oil-refining company is the largest refinery of ТNК – BP.
Due to its advantageous location in the center of Russia (200 km from Moscow) RNPK has dominant position for supplying central Russian region with oil - refined products.

Razan oil-refining company produces a wide range of oil-products such as high quality automobile gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, boiler fuel, road and building bitumen lube oil and other refined products.

Fluidbusiness Group specialists mounted 5 compact in-line pumps Goulds Pumps Model 3910 for pumping of kerosene and diesel fuel as part of the plant reconstruction in 2008.


We made this project in close cooperation with HyproGasOchistca specialists (http://www.en.ggo.ru/).

Lukoil and ConocoPhillips established the intercommunity company NARYANMARNEFTEGAS for Hydrocarbons developing in Timano-Pechorscaya field in the North of Russia.

HyproGasOchistca made project of production facility, and Fluidbusiness Group provided selection and delivery service of pumps under this project.

For transferring sulfur to the tank we chose 2 vertical Sump process pumps ITT Goulds pumps Model 3171. For pumping of recover melt, reflux supply, pumping of fresh mortar, steam condensate and feed services we decided to use 10 pumps with magnetic drive ITT Goulds pumps Model ICM.

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«AVON» plant in Norofominck (Moscow region ) started working оn 8th of July.
The plant meets severest requirements of quality and ecological safety. More than 40.000.000 $ were invested in «AVON» production and considerable part of the funds was spent on ecological safety and quality control. Special attention was paid to industrial wastes and drainages systems cleaning.

For effluent discharging Fluidbusiness Group chose   pumps ITT Flygt’ models D, M, N . All pumps are installed stationary   on automatic coupler that provides comfort in mounting and technical support service.

Sewage lift station based on ITT Flygt pumps was installed on water – carriage system.
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