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The modern market conditions require from us fast decision making but each decision should be weighted, because commonly market not gives us the right to mistake. To keep and increase company revenue we need to have a keen sense of the pulse of situation and react immediately upon each change. The same situation takes place when we will speak about plant modernization. You should to choose correct equipment, find suppliers, make assembling and starting-up in a short space of time. And in the same time, you also should not forget about daily operation on plant. Very complicate task, isn't it? But it is possible to solve this problem if you delegated part of works regarding plant modernization to company, which can to choose equipment, correct and check not clear technical recommendations with project Institute, make delivery, putting into operation and maintain pump equipment. Technical specialists from Fluidbusiness Group are ready to solve all these problems.


To became a leading industrial pumps supplier  in Russia and CIS  by offering most effective solutions based on close contact with end-user.


To secure customer confidence by using all our knowledge, experience and providing effective customer support.


Fluibusiness structure you can find here

Company presentation

One of the first our big projects were Lukoil -Permnefteorgsintez (http://fluidbusiness.ru/about/ready_projects/pnpz/) and HyrpoGasOchistka (http://fluidbusiness.ru/about/ready_projects/nmng/). 

In the 2007 year, Fluidbusiness Group was separated into independent company Fluid Business. We decided to become separate company because of marketing considerations: Talnah pumps equipment - it is products with different price categories, different promotion ways and different ways of customer decision making. We work on markets Russia and CIS (http://fluidbusiness.ru/eng/)


Core benefits:

Core benefits




Expertise – we provide reliable solutions based on our expertise, knowledge, deep-laid equipment with end-user and business ethics

Involvement – we fully involving into problem to understand all tasks our equipment should solve to offer end-user the most reliable and effective solution

Initiativity – we try to find the most efficient solution for each task. When we propose a solution, we 100% sure that this solution is the best.

Ambitions – We never think that we cannot solve the problem and achieve the aim, because there is no problem, which we cannot solve together.

Fluid Business in Russia and Kazakhstan:

Fluid Business in Russia and Kazakhstan

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