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OOO "Fluid Business" offering wide range of pump and pump systems maintenance programs in Russia.

Pump service and maintenance program RussiaFB Service Centers provide an array of integrated service solutions for industry in Russia including preventive monitoring, contract maintenance, emergency field service, engineered upgrades, inventory management, and overhauls for pumps and other rotating equipment.

Our expert technicians repair ALL brands of pumps and rotating equipment in our service center or at your location, 24/7/365.
No need to source different product specialists depending on the equipment needing repair. One call, one face, one invoice.

FB Services centers repair and maintain all types and brands of rotating equipment. This highly experienced team will help you reduce the cost of equipment ownership through:

1. Quality repairs.
2. Equipment upgrades on bad actors or older equipment.
3. Hydraulic rerates to run equipment at its designed operating point.
4. Utilizing the latest techniques, assess equipment condition and trouble shoot problems.
5. Plan activities with plant turndowns - have parts, manpower, and turnkey support ready when needed.
6. Profile parts inventory and develop reduction options.

We work with our customers to develop effective maintenance and asset management programs to lower maintenance costs, improve uptime and reduced inventory costs. All repairs are warranted.

Based on ITT PRO Service expirience we can prvide full range of proffessional service works in Russian Federation.

More about Fluid Business Pumps service and maintenance capabilities.
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